Harrison Park of Ellijay is a 26 acre parcel of land stretching along the Ellijay River just ½ mile from Historic Downtown Ellijay, Georgia. Recent growth in Ellijay and an expanding use of the park have percolated into a grassroots interest in further development of the park. It is envisioned that Harrison Park can become a center of neighborhood activity and serve as a safe and attractive location for area residents to meet and build community.

Friends of Harrison Park, Inc., (FHP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, created  January 12, 2018.  The FHP mission is to support the City of Ellijay and its Harrison Park Advisory Board in the development of Harrison Park for the benefit and enjoyment of the citizens of Gilmer County.

Current Events

We are still accepting applications for the Scarecrow Invasion in the park, and the Chili Challenge. The applications can be accessed and printed below. The applications contain the contact information or you may email us HERE.



The mission of the Harrison Park of Ellijay Board of Directors is to preserve and enhance the viability of Harrison Park by protecting its historical and natural resources and creating a safe, robust outdoor environment to enrich the quality of life and promote the health, well being and economy of our community, while ensuring a sustainable future and maintaining our small town charm.

Harrison Park was originally a farm owned by the Pinson Family of Ellijay. The Pinson barn still stands on the property and will be restored as part of the park build-out. The renovation of the barn into an event space that may be rented for weddings, family reunions, business events and more is part of the future vision for the park. Other future plans being considered are: to expand the walking trail, build a stage for theater and concerts, build public restrooms. As the community begins to engage in the design process, we will create a park that will become a destination for both locals and tourists visiting our town!

What’s Happening?

Discover. Explore. Restore. Harrison Park of Ellijay, Georgia

Harrison Park Board of Directors Enlisted UGA Center for Design and Preservation to Conduct Weekend-long Master Planning Event Open to Residents and Visitors

The Harrison Park Board of Directors hosted students and faculty from The University of Georgia’s Center for Design and Preservation for a weekend-long Master Planning Event, called a charrette, in Ellijay, GA.  Harrison Park, which was donated to the city by the Albert E. Harrison Foundation, is located within walking distance of historic downtown Ellijay and rests along the banks of the Ellijay River.

The 26-acre park currently offers a two-mile walking trail and includes the historic Pinson family barn, which is in need of significant repair (photo credit: Rick Lucas). The Harrison Park Board is focused on developing the park into a robust outdoor environment for residents and visitors alike, while protecting its historical and natural resources. Preliminary plans call for renovating the barn into an events facility, as well as building a stage for concerts and theatrical productions, extending the walking trails along the banks of the Ellijay River, and enhancing the green space with planned gardens and other native trees and plantings.

“Ellijay is known for its numerous hiking trails, rivers, and as the mountain biking capital of Georgia. It’s the place to go outside and play,” said Kim Humphreys, chairman of the Harrison Park Board. “Our goal for Harrison Park is to enhance and showcase all that this area has to offer, from outdoor adventures, to art and music, and agritourism, including everything from apples to trout and wine.”

For follow-up information about the Harrison Park Master Planning Event, visit: http://www.harrisonparkellijay.com  or our Facebook page: @harrisonparkellijay